Ask Amanda

Q: If it’s really late and I’m tired but I have a test the next day and a lot of homework to do, should I just go to sleep or should I continue studying? – Tired Tired, I think that you should just go to sleep. If you are an upperclassman, you have already heard the lecture in Physical Education about how important sleep is. I know; we all roll our eyes at the impossible requirement of 9 and 1/4 hours of sleep. With all of our work and extracurricular activities, how are we supposed to manage to find time to sleep at all, let alone more than 9 hours? Sometimes, you just have to put the book down and leave it alone. If you are studying for a test, chances are you know more than you think you do. Also, more time spent sleeping means that there is more time for your brain to absorb your study material. And, unless you have a major assignment like a paper or a test, leave your homework until another time when you have more free time. Some students and teachers will probably disagree with me and say that you should always do all of your homework. However, you have to prioritize. Personally, I place sleep and my health higher up on my list than homework. If you do not take care of yourself and you get sick, you are just going to get farther behind on your work, which will just cause more problems. Q: Is it acceptable to speak Spanish to Uncommons workers even if I’m not good at it? -Spanish 100 Student Spanish 100 Student, I think that it’s fine to practice your speech with Uncommmons workers. Despite the fact that you cannot speak the language very well, I think the Uncommons workers understand and tend to be patient with low-level Spanish students. Even if you do not speak the language fluently, I think that talking to the Uncommons workers in Spanish is perfectly acceptable because it gives you the chance to learn from native speakers, and, since they are nice, patient people, I’m sure they won’t mind helping you. Q: Why do people rip their jeans? – Fashion Forward Fashion Forward, If you walk into Abercrombie, the first thing you see are ripped jeans. Since Abercrombie is the “it” store for many people, I would guess they think that if Abercrombie is selling them, ripped jeans are the cool thing to have right now. Even if damaging your clothing doesn’t necessarily make logical sense, people will do strange things to be “stylish.” However, I do think that ripped jeans are starting to go out of style. In terms of cutting your own holes in jeans, it can be a way to save money as long as it doesn’t look bad. Why spend money on a new pair of jeans when the only problem with the ones you have now is a hole in the knee, which actually goes along with today’s fashion trends? If you don’t like it though, don’t do it! Be your own person. Q: How much is too much to pay for test answers? – Seeking a 6 Seeking a 6, You should know by now that it is academic dishonesty to cheat. Are you really willing to risk your future by buying test answers? Q: Why does my boyfriend hate me? – Sad Girlfriend Sad Girlfriend, I doubt he hates you, but perhaps the initial fire that was there between you guys has gone out. He’s probably just not sure what to do now. If you still like him, try making the relationship more interesting. Doing something you guys have never done before might reignite your relationship. It’s hard to maintain a relationship around here because you see each other all the time, so try to mix it up and make the time you have together special. Instead of watching movies on Saturday nights like you always do, try going to an event on campus or go to The Loop and hang out there. If you change things up, I think that you’ll find that he’ll be less cold towards you, and you can rekindle “the flame.”