Excerpts From The Blue Book

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The school strives to help young people achieve their potential? not only intellectually, but also artistically, athletically, and morally, so that they may? lead responsible and fulfilling lives.? The Academy is committed to establishing a community that encourages ?people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to understand and respect one another? and to be sensitive to differences of gender, ethnicity, class, and sexual orientation. ?In its programs the school seeks to promote a balance of leadership, cooperation ?and service, together with a deeper awareness of the global community ?and the natural world. ?Andover’s 1778 Constitution charges the Academy to prepare “youth from? every quarter” to understand that “goodness without knowledge is weak…yet? knowledge without goodness is dangerous.” This obligation challenges students ?in mind, body, and spirit to see beyond themselves and to go beyond the familiar; ?to remain committed to developing what is finest in themselves and others, for? others and themselves. COMMUNITY EXPECTATIONS?AND POLICIES? We hope that by being clear about expectations and policies we will? inspire positive participation in all areas of the school, promote learning ?and encourage the realization that respect for self and for others is at ?the heart of our community. The sections below are included to clarify ?the community’s expectations of all students. Later in the book, there is? a more specific list of rules and consequences for rule violations.? The rules and procedures outlined in this book apply under normal ?circumstances. However, from time to time there are situations that ?require immediate, nonstandard responses. Therefore, the Academy? reserves the right to deal with instances of other inappropriate behavior ?in a timely and efficient manner, taking actions deemed to be in the best ?interests of the Academy, its faculty, and its students. This document as? written does not limit the authority of the Academy to alter its rules and ?procedures to suit any unusual or changed circumstances.? HONESTY? Honesty is the basic value on which this community rests. We expect? honest behavior in all areas of school life, formal and informal, curricular? and extracurricular. Honest and tactful communication among ?peers, students, parents, faculty, and staff is essential to the healthy ?functioning of our institution. RESPECT FOR OTHERS? Whether you are a day student or boarder, you are a member of our? residential community, and with that membership comes rare opportunities ?for cooperation, collaboration, and lasting friendships with peers,? faculty, and staff. Although we are a diverse school comprised of? people with a huge range of interests and traditions, respect for others ?is paramount to the integrity and fabric of our lives here. We ask, for? example, that you be polite and appropriate in all verbal and electronic? communications and that you consider carefully how your words,? dress, and actions influence others and, in certain instances, have the? potential to offend if they are not chosen thoughtfully. By listening when? someone else is speaking in class or the chapel, being considerate of? all those dining and working in Commons, helping to maintain a safe ?and clean environment in the dorm and on campus grounds, and considering? how behavior affects or influences others, we are showing ?respect for all members of the Andover community.