Letters to the Editor

Choosing the New Dean of Students

To the Editor: Ideally, the Dean of Students should be an active member of the Phillips Academy student community. As the students’ chief advocate in the Academy administration, the Dean should have both formal and casual interaction with students, and thereby establish a healthy relationship with the student body. Beyond weekly Dean’s Table meetings, the Dean could enhance his presence with the students by occasionally speaking at All School Meeting, attending cluster munches, campus sporting events and Student Council. The Dean must find a balance between his role as a friend and advocate of the students and as a disciplinarian. In order for the Dean to be viewed more positively on campus, he could emphasize his role in Student Activities and other non-disciplinary fields. With regular emails, Phillipian submissions or a Blackboard page, the Dean should provide the students with updates concerning the projects undertaken by his office in order to better communicate with his constituency. Student Council is optimistic that the next Dean of Students will continue Ms. Edwards’ superb work. We hope that the preceding suggestions are taken under careful consideration as the next Dean looks to succeed in his new and important role. Having discussed these issues with both candidates for the position, we rest assured that, on this front, we are on the same page, and we are confident that the position will be in good hands. Teddy Collins and Jonathan Adler President and Vice President of Student Council