Blast From the Past: Annual Lego Competition

The 2008 Lego Contest brought out the who’s who of Andover’s engineers, architects and Lego fanatics. It was an exciting night filled with, “Adrenaline, Stress, and Adrenaline,” as Dana Feeney ’08 put it and will surely live on in Lego history. The contest was simple: the groups of contestants were given 20 minutes to build a certain Lego structure and the best design won. By the time the 20 minutes had expired, true masterpieces had been created. It was no joke when it came down to the last seconds and judging began. In the end, Nick Dean, Adam Tohn and Henry Morgan took away the winning prizes with an accurate replica of the bell tower. “I’m feeling intensity from the players and I really wish I could play right now” -Isabelle Englested ’09 ?“We have been practicing for months. Finger exercises with a day for recovery” -John Twomey ’08 “This competition makes me want to go back to 3rd grade when I built a gigantic pirate ship for show and tell. There weren’t any pirate ships this time, but the spaceships were exciting.” -Tim Marchese ’11 “No comment, I’m trying to work my magic!” -Chip Schroeder ’08