The 24-Hour Plays

Twenty-four hours is barely enough to write a paper, study for a test, or for some of us, even finish our homework. And yet, for many theater students this past weekend, twenty-four hours had to be enough to write, cast, rehearse and perform an original play. How It Works On Friday evening at 9 p.m., all of the writers, directors, producers and actors of the six to-be-written plays convened each with a random prop from their dorm or home in hand. These props, including a candelabra, stuffed pig, mango and toaster, were to serve as inspiration for the writers, who stayed up the entire night to pick casts and write scripts with the help and advice of the producers. At 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, the writers left, and the directors arrived to go over the scripts with the producers, and at 8:00 they were joined by the actors. The day was spent rehearsing, memorizing and blocking each of the six plays, which were performed that evening at 7:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.