Worth the Walk

The first week in Uncommons was deliciously successful. There remains, however, some concern regarding the efficiency and accessibility of the facility. Uncommons is in many ways an improvement on Commons. While we may be attracted to the novelty of moving into a new facility, the food quality, presentation and overall atmosphere have more than exceeded expectations. Overall, students, faculty and the dining staff alike are pleased with Uncommons. Dining has become a time-consuming affair, however. On top of the time spent trekking the extra distance from Commons, students, faculty and staff burn time in longer food lines. Some of the confusion may be remediated when Uncommons finishes placing signs which will indicate the various food stations, but longer lines may be a reality of our new dining situation. For those who do not make it to breakfast, finding a mid-morning snack has also gotten harder. While the Ryley Roller offers a convenient alternative, it is closed during conference period, a time when many once depended on continuous dining in Commons for breakfast. The Ryley Roller should remain open during conference with its usual breakfast options to serve these to the community. For the first time in over 75 years, the Phillips Academy community is dining together in one room. We hope that this setup will bring together previously disparate diners, combining the four distinct halls of Commons. Despite a few pitfalls, Uncommons has been an extraordinary success. Those behind the scenes – the chefs, servers, planners, managers and other staff – deserve our thanks.