Welcome Ryley Roller

The Ryley Roller slid open its windows for the first time this week. Students had speculated that the quality of Roller food would be considerably lower than the old Ryley cuisine (an admittedly curious speculation since the simple Ryley fare included burgers, fries and chicken). Given that we still have much to see from the new Roller/Underwood set-up, the first bites of Roller food may be enough to dispel student concern for now. Despite the lack of important Ryley fare such as candy and energy drinks, the variety and quality of hot food served has met many students’ standards. We are pleased to see the truck may turn out to be a satisfactory alternative with Ryley Room gone. Our only concern should be for the Ryley workers who have had to adjust to more confined working conditions. We hope they may be compensated for this change, although they seem to have taken the transition in stride. May we all do the same.