The Secret Diary

It’s Sadie season! I am happy to report I successfully asked my crush and he said yes! Even though we have only had a few real conversations… And even though I asked him via facebook messaging… and even though I’m pretty sure he has a girlfriend from another school… I have my hopes up that this will be the start of something new. I am so excited; I’ve tried on my dress every single night for the past two weeks to make sure it still fits. It does. On the down side, I’m kind of stressing out about the whole shoe situation and I can’t decide between seven different hairstyles. Even though every conversation held in Commons, during sports, in the library, on the paths and in the dorms at night is about Sadie, there actually are other things happening on campus. The anticipated Wellness Week has finally arrived. I guess we do have significantly less class time this week, but I feel like most teachers have taken this as an opportunity to pile on extra work. A paper here, a test there: even with the classes off, it all adds up. But then again, this is Andover. What were we expecting? I must admit, though, the Wellness Week workshops do make some pretty valid points. Yesterday was pretty awkward, though, when I sat in the wrong workshop for a full six minutes before realizing I did not belong there. Other than that, things have gone pretty smoothly. Another big topic on everyone’s minds is Andover/Exeter! I have been planning my outfit for Exeter geek day since… well, since last year. I would write down what I’m wearing but I’m not going to… just in case anyone ever gets a hold of this diary and copies my idea. It’s kind of brilliant. Andover blue day should also be fun, as I plan on covering every inch of my body in blue. Of course, let’s be real: the best part about these days is watching tour guides around campus giving prospective students their first impressions of Andover while we‘re all dressed as geeks…literally.