Trustees Discuss Cap. Campaign, Tech Upgrades

The Board of Trustees convened from last Thursday to Saturday to discuss Phillips Academy’s ongoing capital campaign and the need to educate students in a global context. Secretary of the Academy Peter Ramsey told the Trustees that the Academy received an anonymous unrestricted pledge of $5 million to the capital campaign. He said that the Andover Fund had surpassed its fundraising goal for the 2007 Fiscal Year, reaching a record level of $8.6 million. The Trustees voted to allocate approximately $450,000 of the extra money raised to the completion of the renovation of a new math computer lab in Morse Hall, the renovation of a bathrooms and kitchens in faculty homes, the redesign of the online alumni portal and funding of additional technology for Samuel Phillips Hall. Ramsey also informed Trustees that he and Head of School Barbara Chase have begun sponsorship of a series of dialogue dinners for alumni and potential donors to discuss the goals of the capital campaign. The first dinner was held in London in early October. Chase will hold additional dinners in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other major cities. During the first half of the three-day meeting, committee groups, including the Finance Committee, Composition of the Student Body Committee and Building Committee, met individually before presenting their group discussions to the full board. The Building Committee presented Commons renovations drawings and Addison renovation plans. The artists’ renderings for both projects will be online soon for students and faculty to see. Brian Allen, Director of the Addison, told the Trustees that the museum had raised $20 million toward its $30 million goal. Stephen Porter, Interim Director of Communications, said that the Trustees noted the “progress the CSPC had made in gathering input from faculty and students about the diversity of the student body.” Oscar Tang, president of the Board of Trustees, was pleased to hear updates about the ACE Scholars program, the Global Perspectives committee and Non Sibi Day, according to Porter. The Trustees met with faculty and administrators Saturday morning to talk about the challenges of educating students to give them a strong global perspective. Small groups considered the meaning of global citizenship and the effects of global development. The consensus was that Phillips Academy’s commitment to Non Sibi and to educating “youth from every quarter” provides a strong foundation for moving forward. Still, many participants agreed that better coordination of global education programs is needed. Porter said, “More than anything else, this weekend was a chance for the Trustees to hear about the progress the academy is making toward the goals of the Strategic Plan and to continue their dialogue with faculty and administrations on how to best prepare students to be thoughtful global citizens in a rapidly changing world.” Dean of Faculty Temba Maqubela and Dean of Studies John Rogers announced faculty members honored with foundations and instructorships, including William Scott, Instructor in Math; Lisa Svec, Instructor in German; Elwin Sykes, Instructor in English; Anthony Rotundo, Instructor in History; Therese Zemlin, Instructor in Art; Kristen Johnson, Instructor in Biology; and James Matheson, Visiting Scholar in Music.