Looks of the Week

Skinny Jeans Ever since fall 2006, skinny jeans have been everywhere. Some say this trend is overrated, but they still grace magazine articles and our campus. This season, they have a new twist—colors! Red, purple, yellow, even green; don’t be afraid to be creative! Just make sure you don’t try to pull off pink skinny jeans with a clashing red top. Boots Due to the recent rainy weather, boots are everywhere. This look works for any style in any season. If you are feeling chilly, wear the ever-popular Uggs. If it’s rainy, go for some classic yellow rain boots. If you have the preppy look, try looking for some tall riding boots. Also new to fall 2007 are leather boots—a stylish twist on any outfit. For this season, the ideal length is knee high. Thigh high is a little too overwhelming, and ankle high can come off as awkward. No matter what, you can’t go wrong; they are the perfect shoes for your skinny jeans. However, steer clear of the mini-jean skirt and tall boots look. It’s too cold for that, and it’s a little reminiscent of middle school. Scarves This season is the perfect time to try on new scarves. The weather is getting worse and the trend is appearing more and more frequently, from Paris to New York. Again, this look is pretty open ended, so wear what you think looks best and feels most comfortable. Be cautious though; it’s not winter weather quite yet. Don’t walk into the library with a four-and-a-half foot multicolored knit scarf bundled around your neck like an anaconda. However, anything in fall colors with light fabrics will look great. Vests Another huge trend this season is vests. This look is so flexible that anyone can pull it off. Try the popular sleeveless V vest in a neutral color or black paired off with a plain white t-shirt. If it feels too rocker-ish for you, don’t worry; just make it into your own, or look at your other options. Military vests and jackets have also made a huge comeback, and these look great with skinny jeans and a pair of leather boots. Similar to vests, cardigans seem to be everywhere this season. For these, find some that are form fitting and preferably in shades of brown.