College Satisfaction

One out of every five Phillips Academy alumni over the last six years would have rather gone somewhere else for college, one of many striking statistics from The Phillipian’s [first survey of college satisfaction among young alumni]( In an effort to gather genuine accounts of college life from current college students and recent graduates, The Phillipian sent a comprehensive survey — covering everything from the accessibility of professors to the amount of drinking on campus — to the class secretaries of alumni from 2002 to 2007, who then sent the survey link to their classmates through email and Facebook. The survey was conducted from October 16 to October 29, hosted by, and 435 out of 1756 alumni, representing over 120 different colleges and universities, rated and critiqued their schools. Here is a sampling of the results. If you’re applying to college in the next few years, you’ll want to see these results. Fortunately, the findings are not limited to this one printed page – the entire survey, with all of the results, is [available]( To see how your top-choice school measures up, you can filter the results online to look at a particular college or rank schools’ responses on a specific question.