Philip Meyer ’08 Leads Andover With 8 Goals; PA Boys Water Polo Earns Two Victories

A stingy defense led by Captain and goalkeeper William Faulker ’09 held the North Field Mount Hermon offense to seven points. Many players drastically improved their game, including Seniors Philip Meyer and Kevin Zhai. Rookies Andrew Fraser ’10 and Matt Mahoney ’11 also performed exceptionally, adding to the teams impressive scores in each game. During its game against NMH, Andover quickly put points on the scoreboard. With Jimmy Brenner ’10 easily gaining possession for Andover on the sprint, Fraser pulled away, scoring a goal just 50 seconds into the game. Meyer proved to be exceptionally aware of the ball’s position, intercepting the ball and out swimming his defender to score several times. Faulkner commanded the team on defense. Although NMH was able to equalize the score with 2:24 left in the quarter, goals by Meyer and Curtis Hon ’10 kept Andover in the lead, with a score of 4-2. By the end of the half, Andover had increased its lead by seven points, making the score 11-2. Brendan Deveney ’09 forced three steals in the second quarter alone, creating opportunities for shooters Parker Washburn ’09 and James Martino ’09. Washburn scored four goals total, shooting most all the way out past the seven-meter mark. Complimenting Washburn, Martino was able to get closer to the goal, eluding his defenders. Andover ended the third quarter with a huge lead of 18-4. Ending the game in a crushing 23-7 win, the team increased its confidence and strengthened its teamwork. The team carried their positive momentum onto its next game against St. John’s Prep, having previously beat them 18-3. Although they ended the game with a 10-8 win, Andvoer had a very slow start in the first quarter. With Brenner ’10 always swimming quickly for the ball, Andover seemed to have possession throughout most of the game. Scoring was almost single handedly dependent on Meyer who pocketed eight goals, who continued to position himself carefully before every shot. Andover will play Deerfield Academy this coming Saturday, and then rival Phillips Exeter Academy once again, before capping off the season with a tournament.