Field Hockey Achieves Third Straight Shut-Out; Defenders Clegg ’08 and Little ’08 Lift PA To Win

A late goal by defender Steph Clegg ’08 in Wednesday’s game against St. Paul’s led Andover to a 2-0 week with yet another close win of 1-0. Andover’s defense proved undefeatable in both its 2-0 win on Saturday against NMH and against St. Paul’s on Wednesday, earning the team its third consecutive shutout. Andover started out the first half on Saturday strong and motivated. NMH had several scoring opportunities, but Andover refused to yield to the NMH attack. About midway through the first half, Clegg ’08 took a shot on goal but the ball rebounded off the post to forward Emily Cokorinos ’08 who repositioned Clegg’s shot and earned the first goal of the game. Forward Kellie Walsh ’11 said, “The first couple of minutes were really rough for us, but then we regrouped and started controlling the game.” Andover ended the half 1-0. Andover came back out in the second half with enthusiasm and drive. Just over six minutes into the second half, defender Nancy Ann Little ‘08 received a difficult pass from Clegg. Shooting from almost midfield, Little impressively netted the second goal of the game. Relentless play from goalie Shannon McSweeney ’11 along with Senior defenders Sara Wallace, Jamie Harisiades, and Kristen Spiak prevented NMH from scoring throughout the entire game. The team continued its determined play during their home game against St. Paul’s on Wednesday. The first half was slow, as ball possession constantly switched back and forth between the two teams as a result of many turnovers by both teams. Neither Andover nor St. Paul’s had many quality scoring opportunities, because the majority of the half was played in the midfield. At the half, the game remained scoreless. At the start of the second half, Andover continued to play hard but had difficulty scoring against St. Paul’s defensive line. With slightly less than 19 minutes remaining in the game, Co-Captain Lindsey Weiner ’08 made a strong hit to Clegg, who netted the first and only goal of the game. Andover added another victory to their impressive 7-1-3 record. As the team looks toward finishing the rest of its season, the players are hopeful about the playoffs. The team’s next game is away this Saturday against Deerfield Academy.