Looks of the Week

Cool Socks As winter approaches, it becomes increasingly difficult to wear your favorite pair of loafers or moccasins without having your feet all but fall off. How to solve the problem? Socks! Put on a pair of colorful socks, or a pair with a cool pattern, for a subtle yet significant transformation to any outfit. Be warned, however, that white athletic socks with these types of shoe will make you look like an old dad; make sure that they’re funky! Keeping Things Heavy Another way to improve your fall looks is to keep things heavy. Gone are the days when simply a T-shirt and shorts could work as a suitable outfit. Instead, try out a big, bulky sweater, turtleneck, or cardigan. They will keep you warm while still looking cool. Wearing lots of layers is a key look this season, so put on one of these big, bulky sweaters on top of the rest of your clothes for a very striking effect. The Color Yellow Another big trend for this fall is a subtle dash of colors amid the usual black and gray clothes often seen in colder months. One color in particular has piqued the interest of fashion-hounds everywhere: yellow. Too much of this hue and you might look like Big Bird, but infusing it furtively by means of a sock or scarf is a small surprise that will make you stand out.