Letters to the Editor

Let’s Retire “Ridiculous”

To the Editor: Neither a one of you nor a one of your opinions, insights or courageous expressions is ever worthy of scorn, derision, mockery or humiliation, which are all definitions of “ridicule.” Elaboration, explication, dialogue, debate, refutation and critical deconstruction are all fair and potentially valuable responses to anything that shows up in our forums for the exchange of ideas. I am impressed and enriched by the sophistication that frequently characterizes what I read in our paper and hear at our discussions and debates. I get distracted, however, when such terrific discourse is turned away from the analytical and towards the ad hominem by a declaration that something someone said, claimed or did is ridiculous. Proviso: The “Features” section of The Phillipian, of course, must and should remain a safe haven for ludicrousness, absurdity, inanity and good-humored ridicule. By all means, Features writers, carry on. Yours in civil and compassionate critique, Carlos Hoyt Assistant Dean of Students