Fall Term Fashions

This fall, international flavors of styling and print are all the rave on campus, utilizing rich, jewel-tone colors and musty shades of grey to make designs pop. Crepe-thin tops are accented gorgeously by delicate, origami folds in the fabric, which gives them a sculpted look. Floaty dresses with Asian or African prints are perfect for traipsing around town or campus. Grey pairs perfectly with any color, enabling otherwise lackluster items to pop boldly against this muted shade. Deep purple, royal blue and forest green are the season’s hottest colors, seen in everything from shoes to shirts to denim. All of these looks have appeared in couture collections, and each trend is especially potent when combined with the following hot items for spring: chunky sweaters, footed tights, sequins and wide-leg jeans. While last spring embraced thin, cotton-blend cardigans, fall’s breezy air invites a rather different approach to sweaters: chunky-style. Whether in classic grey, muted camel or any deep shade in the spectrum, over-sized sweaters are a must have for this season. You can throw on a pullover or opt for a button-down sweater over a pair of dark wash denim, your favorite tights or belted by itself. This season, over-large cable-knits are a perfect blend of casual and cute. If you find cable-knit too intense, a simpler over-sized cashmere v-neck will work wonders as well. A tip when buying: if you’re not finding the fit you like, don’t hesitate to roam the smaller sizes in the men’s collection. Trade in last year’s cutoff leggings for a fresher approach with footed tights. Whether in shades of basic black or grey or in fun, punchy colors, tights give casual dresses a fresh, new look rather than the overdone denim mini-skirt/footless leggings combo. Pair your tights with heels to create a sleeker, more sophisticated look. Interested in buying? Urban Outfitter’s “Sparkle and Fade” brand colorful opaque tights are perfect and reasonably priced at two pairs for $20. A funky alternative is a solid pair of stirrup tights (great ones at American Apparel). Make a statement this season with sequins. These tiny specks of glitter add a bold look on a dress or pretty top. Richly colored sequined tanks are perfect for parties or dances when worn with a pair of dark-wash jeans. Celebrity gossip magazines have shown stars from Nicole Kidman to Hayden Panettiere wearing flirty sequined frocks and dresses. Department stores such as Bloomingdale’s sell adorable sequin dresses from a variety of designers, while Forever 21 has several cheaper styles in fun, metallic colors. Whereas scandalously low-rise skinny jeans previously dominated the denim industry, higher-waisted, wide-leg jeans and trousers are quickly surging to the top of the must-have list. This style is highlighted by high fashion designers everywhere and is trickling down from couture runways to more commercial labels. The key to this look is to achieve the perfect balance from top to bottom. A polished, lean top will complement and amplify the increasing volume of a pair of wide-leg pants; you can also throw on a fitted jacket over a tighter top. Leave full and swingy tunics in the closet—the wide hems of both styles (top and bottom) will make you look squat. J. Crew’s trouser jean is designed for a taller frame, but the wash color is fabulous. American Eagle’s Downtown wide-leg pant comes in subtle stripes or delicate plaid and is quite affordable at just under $50. Some of the cutest and most flattering wide-leg jeans are 7 For All Mankind’s Dojo jean and Ginger Pant, which span a vast array of colors and cost $140’s-low $200’s. Fall is the season to reinvent yourself (and your wardrobe), and with these four staples, you can’t go wrong. Military jacket, academy sweater and dark, slim jeans—this fall, keep your wardrobe simple by sticking to these basics and building off of them. Layering is perfect for autumn’s blustery weather, and these staples will spruce up your school wardrobe and are perfect pieces to layer. Start with dark, slim jeans, then add a simple T-shirt and throw on a college-style cardigan. Or opt for a long-sleeve shirt with a bold, graphic print underneath a military jacket. The key is simplicity overall. A large logo splashed across one’s chest is tired and flashy, so forget the billboard look and look for shirts with an all-over print or subtle graphic touch. Layers will give your clothes more versatility, and add dimension to everyday attire. To guard against fall’s sometimes unpredictable weather, a smart investment for this fall is a rugged, military/biker jacket. Usually made of a canvas-material and sometimes fleece lined, these jackets are smart enough for a night out, yet casual enough to wear to class. Perfect for layering, they come in a range of colors from navy and green to brown and black. Abercrombie’s Sentinel jacket is a perfect example. New England autumn, reminiscent of quaint collegiate campuses, elicits the preppy side of all. Thus, the look for the season is sophisticated prep. Long, narrow-cut “academy” cardigans are the perfect blend of unfussy and cool. Whether with pullovers or cardigans, Urban Outfitters hits just the right note with its wide variety of sweaters for fall. Leave summer’s shorts in the closet and pull on a pair of dark-wash, slim-leg denim instead. Dark jeans are a perfect staple for fall, as they provide an excellent, neutral basis for layering tees, hoodies, and sweaters. A tighter fit is also cleaner and looks better with more styles of shoes. These three items are classic, and will carry you through the year.