In Lower Left, Chase Chats With Students and Faculty

Head of School Barbara Chase began her series of Head’s Table dinners on Tuesday in Commons’ Lower Left. This marks the first time she has extended an open invitation to the Andover community to join her for dinner and weekly discussion. Chase, who regularly dines with students and faculty in Commons, thought that the Head’s Table would be a good way to inform the student body that she was available to talk. “I realized that some students were unaware that I’m here. Being visible is important,” said Chase. Chase said that the Head’s Table, a “totally casual” Tuesday weekly event, will be a way for her to connect with the student body and to “see how [students’] lives are going.” Chase said that while she “does a lot of things that seem arguably unrelated to the students, they truly are related to the students and all for their benefit.” Students came and went Tuesday evening, eating dinner and enjoying dessert with Mrs. Chase while discussing topics large and small over Commons tables draped with white cloth and adorned with candles. During the first Head’s Table meal this Tuesday, topics included from Model United Nations, the upcoming Commons renovations, iPods and college applications. Many students feel that the Head’s Table is an intelligent way for the administration to reach out to the student body. Lucy Arnold ’10 said, “The dining atmosphere is really conducive for the administration to see how the students are and get a perspective of how we see Andover.” She continued, “It seems like an easy way for students to be heard about the recent issues on campus like bandwidth limits and student center [proposals].” Attendance at the first Head’s Table was high, with approximately 15 students around the Table at any given time. Over the course of the evening, a total of around 40 students were able to have a conversation with Chase.