Class of 2011 Elects Danzinger And Ngwudo

Julian Danziger ’11 and Chioma Ngwudo ’11 came out on top as the new Junior Representatives in a close race last week. “I’m just really pumped,” Ngwudo said. Danziger and Ngwudo were thrilled about their new roles in Student Council. Danziger said that he knew he wanted to be a part of the student council before he even arrived at Phillips Academy. The former president of his old school, Danziger loves to have leadership posistions and represent his class. Ngwudo explained that her friends had encouraged her to run for Junior Rep because of her ability to listen and understand what people are saying. Danziger and Ngwudo wasted no time organizing their ideas. Danziger said, “I think we should do Trayless mornings, every morning.” He reasoned that because fewer people eat in the mornings, Trayless mornings would not affect as many people but would still continue to help the environment. Both Junior representatives expressed opposition to the new silent library policies and plan on doing all they can to find a place for students to both socialize and study at the same time. Ngwudo said, “I like to study and I like to be with my friends.” She and Danziger plan on working with Student Council to help compromise with the administration and lift some of the new policies in the library. Along with some of the more pressing issues, the new Junior Reps plan to hold votes for the class sign of 2011. Ngwudo has already compiled a list of suggestions from classmates. Eight students made speeches in the final round of the elections. Despite having been at Phillips Academy for only a month, the candidates began addressing some major issues, including Trayless Tuesdays, the new rules in the library and the Commons renovations.