Letters to the Editor

An Open Letter From Barbara Chase and Rebecca Sykes

Dear Students: We recently received a petition signed by roughly 600 of you, expressing your support for a student center. We understand that the petition was circulated prior to October 2, the first opportunity we had to share plans about student spaces that will be created when Commons and the Ryley Room close for renovation. At that meeting students heard specifics about the conversion of the Underwood Room to a dedicated student center, the renovation of the GW lounge and the arrival of the “Ryley Roller.” Many of you offered feedback and suggestions about those ideas. That evening students engaged in a thoughtful discussion with Dean John Rogers about realistic expectations for the library’s study environment. Students also learned that during the planning for the Commons renovation, the option of building a separate student center was carefully considered and rejected in favor of integrating student activities within existing campus facilities. In the days following the forum students and administrators have worked together to further define the details of “Life During Commons Renovations.” Those conversations are continuing and best efforts are being made to communicate with you as decisions are made. Finding adequate space on campus for the myriad activities that members of this vibrant community engage in is always challenging. While the temporary closure of Commons and the Ryley Room increases the challenge it also offers opportunity for creativity. We appreciate your patience and your innovative ideas as we work together to meet our various needs. Barbara Landis Chase Head of School Rebecca M. Sykes Associate Head of School