The Eighth Page

Physics 380 Final Exam: Spring 2007

Please follow all written instructions. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Do not, like last time, look for patterns in the multiple choice answers. If your answer sheet spells out “BAD” it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. But seriously, would I make a test with a pattern? 1. A Cardinal is standing on a catapult and Little Billy is standing on a similar catapult that faces toward the first. If the Cardinal is released at an initial velocity of 80 meters per second at a 30 degree angle north, and Billy is released at 20 meters per second at a 25 degree angle north, what is the time from t=0 just before release until they collide? If the collision is completely inelastic, is it also consensual, or will Little Billy need therapy? 2. If I am a 60 Watt light bulb in series with a 10 Ohm resistor, then how many of your Joules does it take to light me up? 3. You have a 5 kilogram ball in your hand, and you are standing on top of a 10 meter building. You release the ball with a velocity of 8 meters per second at an angle of 15 degrees north. If you parents get divorced, your mom wins the custody battle, but she disowns you and you have to prostitute yourself to make a living, ignoring air resistance, how long until the pain goes away? 4. Come and grab my center of mass. Five extra points for anyone who can reach my center of gravity. 5. A man can make five puppy-skin coats in one hour. His neighbor is a dog breeder. How much work, in joules, does the man do to steal and slaughter four puppies if his neighbor’s house is 20 meters away? 5. If your rod is charged with a current i, what must you do to give my loop an induced charge of i going counterclockwise? a. Move your rod in and out of my loop b. Leave your rod in my loop c. Keep your rod out of my loop d. Not enough information HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!