Inspiring Play of Captains Chang and Zimmerling Motivates Andover to Class B Championship

Captains Devon Zimmerling ’07 and Kelly Chang ’07 vibrantly carried the water polo team to win the “B” level tournament on Saturday with victories against The Williston Northampton School and Deerfield Academy ,by scores of 15-12 and 13-11, respectively. Though Andover was seeded number one in the tournament, both opponents proved to be tough competitors, and neither win came without a fight. For a team that only had two primary scorers at the onset of the season, the range of shooters this past weekend was a pleasant surprise. Andover had played Williston earlier in the season, winning 23-7, but with several of Williston’s key players absent that day, the win that day came with little effort. However, Andover knew that Williston had been missing key players. Andover expected a tough game, which is exactly what the girls were faced with. Not even 30 seconds after the first whistle, Williston scored with a powerful shot off the center-forward position. That in mind, Co-Captain Chang ’07 and sister Kimberly Chang ’08 came back with vengeance and scored four more times within the first quarter. Co-Captain Zimmerling also managed to attain a goal after an excellent fast break, which left the score 4-2 in the first quarter. Andover wore the Williston players down with its advantage in speed, and managed to keep the score steadily climbing in the next two quarters to 12-8. Rebecca MacRae ’09 had a stellar backhand shot in the second quarter, while Jill Kozloff ’09 and Greta Martin ’09 both also scored in the third. Though Williston managed to post three goals in the last quarter, the Chang sisters kept up the Andover scoring, resulting in a 15-12 win. After a short break, Andover jumped back into the pool to face Deerfield. Having previously faced Deerfield twice this season, in one win and one tie, the team knew this would be a close game. In the slow-paced start, Chang ’08 scored the first goal of the game, receiving help from Co-Captain Chang ’07, to make the score 3-1 at the end of the first quarter. Then, Andover struggled to keep its two-point lead in the second quarter, as Deerfield scored two and tied the score. Yet, in a graceful play by several players, Kozloff powerfully tossed a point in the goal during the last minute as the quarter came to a close. Despite Deerfield pushing a tough defense and gaining three goals itself, Co-Captain Chang was on fire during the third quarter with four goals, obtaining assistance from Co-Captain Zimmerling, who also recorded a goal. With a score of 11-8 heading into the last quarter both teams knew the game was not close to being over, and Deerfield tied up the score 11-11 after two minutes of play. Annie Glancy ’09 pulled through for Andover, and secured the next goal using her speed to out swim her competitor on a fast release. Co-Captain Zimmerling achieved the last point of the day, capping off her brilliant play in the tournament. In closing, Co-Captain Chang commented, “I couldn’t have been more pleased with the chemistry between players and the variety of shooters this weekend. I have never seen a team improve as much as this team has throughout one season, and after a few rough games recently, it was nice to see the team come together one last time for a treasured victory.”