Boys Tennis Crushes Exeter in Final Match

Strong shutout performances by the doubles team of Trey Meyer ’09 and Foster Jebsen ’08 propelled the Andover Boys Tennis team to a dominating win over Exeter, ending with a final score of 4-1. Going into the match, the team was confident in its abilities and hoped for a win. The match started out well with Andover winning the doubles point in a timely fashion. Trey Meyer ’09 and Foster Jebsen ’08 were able to shutout their opponents with a score of 8-0. Toby Clark ’07 and Andrew West ’08 won their doubles match 8-4, winning the team the doubles point. In singles, Andrew Chan ’08 in the third spot completely shut out his opponent, quickly winning his match 6-0, 6-0. Captain Matt Schubert ’07 also won his match 6-3, 6-1 in the fourth spot. Toby Clark ’07 had a close match, winning in three sets. Down 5-2 in the third, Clark was able to pull through, coming back 7-5, winning his match. Jebsen lost the first set 5-7, but won the second set 6-2. Although Jebsen was up in the third set 4-3, Andover had already put away the game and decided to end the match in the interest of time. This also cut Meyer’s game short. Meyer had won his first set and was leading 6-5 in the second. The only loss for Andover was West’s forfeit of his match. Up one set, West was in the middle of playing his second when he sprained his hip flexor. Unable to play, West was forced to forfeit, giving Exeter its only point of the day. Andover took the win with an overwhelming 4-1 score by the end of the match. With this victory against Exeter, the Boys Tennis team is enjoying a great record of eight wins and five losses. Next year, Captain Schubert and Clark will depart from the team, leaving the number four and five spots open. Even so, the top three spots will still be held by Meyer, Jebsen and Chan.