Planning for Next Capital Campaign Begins: Campaign Will Fund Aid, Faculty Pay and Technology

Andover is currently in the planning stages of the next multi-year capital campaign. The campaign will primarily support the objectives outlined in Andover’s 2004 Strategic Plan. These include implementation of further efforts toward financial aid, faculty and staff compensation, and physical assets. According to Secretary of the Academy Peter Ramsey, a campaign of this magnitude will likely continue for five to six years. Further decisions on campaign structure, timing, a title, leaders and specific goals have yet to be made by the Board of Trustees. Donations will finance the search for “youth from every quarter” by increasing financial aid funding and enhancing recruitment efforts. Currently, 41% of the student population is on financial aid. Andover aspires to implement a “needs-blind” admission system, where admission can be offered to students without any regard to financial need. Contributions will also fund faculty recruitment and retention efforts, as Andover hopes to uphold its leadership position in faculty compensation. By raising financial resources, Andover will support faculty development initiatives and sabbaticals. The Strategic Plan also calls for increased staff compensation, as well as opportunities for the staff to develop individual professional skills. Funds will also support Andover’s academic programs and global initiatives. Another component of the Strategic Plan calls for continued promotion of the school’s educational outreach programs. These include Pen Pals, MS2, IRT, Andover Bread Loaf, and Summer Session. The campaign will also fund the renewal and replacement of facilities. The Addison Gallery will be closed next year for 18 months during an expansion and rejuvenation project. Commons will also undergo a renovation over the next two years. Finally, Bulfinch Hall has been approved to redo the building and add a new wing. Several small dorm additions are also under consideration. A renewal of Andover’s technology and equipment will also be funded by the campaign. Andover hopes to expand the wireless network and bring additional technology to more classrooms. Currently, only 35 out of the 135 classrooms on campus have technological assets such as internet connection and projectors. Director of Technology Valerie Roman said, “We also want to expand Blackboard so that we can do wikis, blogs and podcasting. The other things we’re looking at are video conferences and a campus one-card system. Those are the things on the wish list. We’re making progress in all of those categories, but obviously if we had more resources we could do more.” Finally, contributions will go towards the Andover Fund. These gifts are unrestricted and are used by the Trustees as they see fit. Ramsey said, “For this campaign to be a success, we will need to engage an even broader group of alumni, parents, and friends than the previous one. We can’t expect everyone to give all the time at the same rate and level…It will soon be the time for a younger generation to take a leadership role as volunteers and donors for the Academy. “ Andover concluded its six-year “Campaign Andover” in 2002. The campaign raised $208.9 million, an unprecedented amount in Andover’s history. Topping Deerfield’s previous record of $156 million in 2001, Campaign Andover is the first independent school campaign to raise over $200 million Ramsey said, “Campaign Andover was a record-breaking success… It helped establish ‘the surest foundation’ for where the Academy is in history. What people hopefully see in this campaign is the opportunity to take the resources we have and maximize them…to give the school the breadth and reach it has always been committed to. Andover will build on the success and the ‘surest foundation’ provided by the last campaign.” The $208.6 million raised brought the endowment up to $550 million in 2004. Funds went towards facilities, faculty salaries, financial aid scholarships, and technology. Resulting new facilities included the Shuman Admission center, the Harrison hockey rink, a renovation and expansion of Cochran Chapel, new faculty apartments in several renovated dorms, and the $28 million Gelb Science Center. Funds came in the form of gifts and pledges from approximately 17,000 alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends. In particular, Campaign Andover’s success was boosted by three gifts of $10 million or more from alumnus Richard Gelb ’41, Oscar Tang ’56, and David M. Underwood ’54. Since Andover fundraising campaigns do not include gifts aimed at unrelated campaign projects, several donations during Campaign Andover were not included in the total. These other donations added up to $7.7 million and resulted in the new Phelps stadium, art gifts, and rare books. Campaign Andover was chaired by the President of the Board of Trustees at the time, David M. Underwood ’54. As stated on the Andover website, Underwood said, “A magnificent philanthropic effort, Campaign Andover has strengthened this great old school to its bedrock.” According to Trustee and President of the Alumni Council Peter T. Hetzler ‘72, the Board of Trustees hopes to make the major decisions in respect to the upcoming campaign by the fall of 2008.