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English 200 Syllabus Spring 2007 Ms. Pamela Buchanan x2065 before 10 p.m. you little monsters Teacher My name is Ms. Pamela Buchanan and I have been teaching English 200 for over 13 years. All of my contact information is listed above and I invite you to use it to your advantage. Do not hesitate to give me a call if you feel you have any questions or concerns about the course. Please, don’t be like my ex-husband who didn’t call me at all after we got married. Not once did he make an honest effort to pick up the phone or bother to ask how my day was. I mean seriously, how is that my problem? It was his fault for not communicating and that’s why I’m stuck raising a six-month old son on a teacher’s salary. Required Texts Jane Fonda’s Exercise Book for Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery by Femmy DeLyser Getting Up, Getting Over, Getting On: A Twelve Step Guide to Divorce Recovery by Debbie McWade Moby Dick by Herman Melville Course Description The aim of this course is to introduce students to famous American literature of the 21st century. We will explore the genius of legendary authors such as Femmy DeLyser and Debbie McWade and their take on the chauvanistic patriarchal society that America has become. As we discuss the pressing issues of pregnancy and divorce, we will utilize the teachings of Jane Fonda and try to delve into what it truly feels like to be a middle-aged woman going through some horrible, horrible times. By the end of this course, students will understand that life sucks and whenever things look hopeful, God is just playing with you and will soon take away all of your passion and joy. We will also be reading Moby Dick and spend sometime researching the various negative connotations of the word “Dick.” Course Requirements and Expectations Most of the class time will be used discussing the assigned readings. Students will be asked to demonstrate what they have learned from the previous night’s reading in a creative and original manner. Role-play exercises will play a huge part in our learning experiences, and everyone will be expected to step out of their comfort zones and attempt to become one with the female essence. Evaluation will be through contribution to class discussions, quizzes, reflection papers, essays and your ability to feel a woman’s pain. Class Participation: 30% Quizzes and Tests: 5% Reflection Papers and Essays: 5% Re-enactment of your birth: 70% Now wait a second. Doesn’t that add up to more than 100%? Yes! It does! I want you to be giving 110% in this class at all times. The subject we’re tackling is very complex so I need you to be with me at all times. Literally. Sometimes it gets really lonely up in that big empty apartment. My son Chuckie is usually asleep by 7 p.m. so my Saturday nights are often spent crying. Important Guidelines Show up to class on time. Three tardies = One unexcused absence. Don’t be late. I remember the time I was late. Nine months later, Chuckie was born and my ex-husband was nowhere to be found. I don’t give extensions on papers. Just like I don’t give extensions on marriages.