Discenza and Washburn Shine in Team Time Trial; Filibiti Ranked First in Girls A Cycling Divison

Despite the cancellation of last Saturday’s race at Profile due to a double murder that took place on the course the day before, the Andover Cycling team has performed well in the past three races and it carries momentum into the league championship. For the first time in recent history, the team raced at Kimball Union Academy. Unlike other league races, the race was around a banked stock-car track a third of a mile long. Instead of racing for places at the finish line, racers competed for points, obtained by winning certain laps. Captain Arielle Filiberti ’07 and the Girls A team continued to dominate the league by placing first overall. The Boys A, who had a more difficult time, placed second overall. Andrew Clay ’08 placed first overall for Andover, placing in several key sprints. In the Boys B race, Mike Discenza ’09 led Andover in points, but was forced to drop out of the race shortly before the finish after an Exeter rider collided with his rear wheel. At the Exeter team time trial, both the Boys and Girls A teams placed first overall. In the Boys A race, Clay and Alex Green ’07, who were paired together, placed second overall followed by James Krendal Clark ’07 and Jonas Allerbeck ’07, who placed third. In the Girls A Race, Filiberti and Lilli Stein ’07 placed first followed by Roxy Pierson ’07 and Hillary Rich ’07, who placed second. The Boys B placed second overall, despite Walker Washburn ’08 and Mike Discenza ’09 placing first. Due to the lack of riders on the team, Matt Sternberg ’08 was teamed up with a rider from another school. Sternberg, who raced well, was unfortunately held back by his partner. Following the Exeter time trial, the team raced at Proctor Academy last Wednesday. In the Girls A race, Filiberti continued her winning streak by placing first. In the Boys A race, Allerbeck placed third, followed by Krendel Clark and Green, who placed fifth and sixth, respectively. Heading into the league championship, both the Girls A and Boys B are in first place overall. The Boys A are a close second. In the individual category, Filiberti, who has not lost a league race in two years, is in the lead in the Girls A division, while Washburn and Discenza are third and fourth, respectively, in the Boys B. In the Boys A, Allerbeck is in second overall followed by Clay, who is in ninth.