Gigi Cadet ’07

Hometown: Greenwich, CT Dorm: Bartlet Activities: ARC, Football, Lacrosse College: Colgate University Why He Came to Andover: “I decided to come to Andover because it was the best boarding school in terms of academics, because of football, and because I liked the people I met on my visit.” Andover Experience: “I’m happy I came and can’t picture myself at any other boarding school,” Gigi said. He said, “The biggest difference between here and my old school has got to be the freedom. Here, you need permission to do a lot of things, permission that I never had to ask for.” Gigi has enjoyed opportunities to try new things at Phillips Academy. “At Andover, I have seen a lot of plays and performances and am playing lacrosse now, which I have never done before. Overall, being a PG is awesome, after a certain point. People don’t think so, but we do work hard for things. In the end, we deserve what we get,” he said. While some students believe PG’s are a relatively isolated group, Gigi says, “I feel like now I am not even a PG anymore, just another senior.” Challenges and Rewards: Applying to college was difficult for Gigi, who said, “The worst part of my experience was the college process. It was very stressful.” Gigi’s work paid off when he was accepted to Colgate University. He said, “The best part was getting into college and getting to have a second senior spring.” —Cora Lewis