Giacomo Chiaro ’07

Hometown: Bologna, Italy Dorm: Fuess House Activities: Piano, Cello, Art, Community service, Italian Club, The Courant College: Accepted to the University of California at San Diego, waiting on Trinity College in Dublin Why he came to Andover: “I always wanted to go to school in an English-speaking country,” he said. He also wanted to experience life away from home for an extended period of time. Giacomo Chiaro, 20, developed a tendency to pester his high school English teacher about a program she represented. “It’s a really long story,” said Giacomo. “She had this one thing, a program at Andover, that she told me I couldn’t do before graduating.” Italian high school is a regimented, five-year curriculum from which Andover was able to extricate a student. “Bologna was too small for me,” he said. Giacomo, along with four other students, was accepted into Andover’s Kemper Scholars program. Andover Experience: “Obviously, the biggest difference here is that you live at school. In Italy, I could go home at one or two in the afternoon,” he said. “Coming here and living at school, it’s really different. You can see all of your friends all of the time.” “I think that especially sports PG’s are really popular, but the thing about academic PG’s is that we make up for what we lack in sports and other things in being crazy and European,” said Giacomo.“PG’s are bums. They can do whatever they want, really; it’s a lot of fun.” As a PG, Giacomo’s only course requirement was American History. He has enjoyed the freedom in course selection, especially all of the Senior electives available in English. Chiaro misses two things most from home. “I miss my food and my family.” —Jack Dickey