Last week, a Phillipian headline read “Faculty Votes In Favor of Breathalyzer.” The article, which was based on faculty interviews conducted via email after the faculty meeting of Thursday, April 19, had a number of flaws. First, the article did not mention that the vote was actually a straw vote. Second, although the article implied that the faculty voted on the “in-the-presence-of” policy, no such vote took place, and the policy was only tangentially mentioned in faculty discussion. Finally, although the article may have implied that the faculty voted to implement a breathalyzer and has the executive power to do so, the faculty has no such power in this regard. The decision to obtain a breathalyzer is the Senior Administrative Council’s alone; the straw vote was conducted to assess the opinions of the faculty. Also last week, a Phillipian Commentary article by John Doherty incorrectly stated that he graduated in 1956. In fact, he was in the class of 1959. The Phillipian regrets the errors.