Aline Dubois ’07

Hometown: Brittany (Western France) Dorm: Johnson Activities: International Club, French club, French tutoring, Faculty Children French tutoring, Model UN, photography Independent Project and Pot Pourri. “I’m definitely more focused on extracurricular activities than on academics….In France, I didn’t really have the time. This is definitely a year to do things I couldn’t do in France,” Dubois said. College: Aline is still unsure about college. She does not want to study in the U.S. because she misses Europe and because French colleges are entirely subsidized by the government. Why she came to Andover: Aline found out about Andover from a friend who, when talking about Andover, “had this sparkle in her eye,” said Dubois. Uninspired by the French colleges that she had gotten into and having been offered a full scholarship to Andover, Aline decided to come to PA Andover Experience: The workload has challenged Aline at PA. She said, “Here you have so much ‘free time’ that isn’t free because you have so much work to do. In France we have class from eight to six, but then you are really free.” “[PA was] the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. My friends have really seen me blossom. Before I was kind of shy and I didn’t have that much self confidence. Being granted such a big scholarship like this gave me confidence. I was surprised by how much I could give to the school and how I could get involved.” —Emma Goldstein