PA Ultimate Places Third at Longmeadow

The Andover Ultimate team tested its endurance and solidarity this weekend, when it played three games in one day at the Longmeadow Tournament. Andover remained on-task, though, and finished second in its pool. This translated to an unofficial third place result overall. Andover’s focus, which stems from an intense practice regimen, led the team past an early-morning start and through a match-up with Amherst High, the reigning Eastern National Champion. Andover came out strong in its first game against Longmeadow High. Captain Jonah Guerin ’07 recalled an instance of strong execution: “There was one point where our chosen play worked out perfectly. Everyone cut at the right time and made the right passes.” After maintaining control for the first half, Andover let Longmeadow edge its way back in. Luckily, Andover was able to regain control and eliminate mistakes, earning an easy 13-6 win. Andover carried the momentum from that win into its game against Amherst. Focused and excited, Andover took advantage of some Amherst mistakes and scored the first two points. Unfortunately, this early deficit did not faze the experienced Amherst squad. It quickly cut down on mistakes and played with relentless vigor. Andover, waning in energy and threatened by the Amherst push, began to make bad decisions. Amherst’s zone defense posed a challenge and limited PA’s second-half offensive production to one point. Amherst came out on top 13-5. Andover next played a relatively weak JP Stevens team. Even though Andover was worn out, it took control of this match. Andover’s depth overpowered JP Stevens, as reserve players relieved the fatigued starters. Andover’s patient strategy ultimately led to a 13-4 victory. Andover will continue to practice hard in preparation for its game against Concord Academy next week.