The Eighth Page

Mr. Duddyisms – Adler and Duddy

Nicole Duddy ’08 loves her father. She loves him so much, she wants to share him with everyone. Mr. Duddy is a good man. He’s a supportive husband and father. Sure, he pushes his daughter to succeed, but what father doesn’t? So here’s a glimpse into Nicole’s life with her father, in something we’d like to call, “Mr. Duddyisms.” Fathers, take note. “You don’t hug me enough; it’s all about money with you kids.” “What’s that thing called when you almost win?” “(Out of breath) C’mon, you’re in your prime. You can’t even beat me in a race!” “Don’t make your problems my problems.” “Tell that boyfriend of yours he can easily be replaced” “Hey, listen: before I broke my ankle, I used to shoot hoops at the Community Center four times a week.” “Look on the bright side, it only sucks for you.”