Behind the Scenes: Jane Shin

Last Saturday night’s Rabbot Cabaret show gave me the opportunity to reopen my chapter as a singer and a performer. I am not part of any campus a cappella group or chorus. As a PA student, I felt as if I was forced to compromise my singing career for my participation in the school orchestra. However, when I heard about WPAA’s Andover Idol contest Winter Term, I felt an opportunity had opened. In the past, I have always been hesitant about singing in front of a big group of people. I thought it was a perfect way to start my career as a singer at Phillips. Conveniently, Andover Idol only required the contestants to sing in front of three judges down at Studio B. The appealing aspects of Andover Idol motivated me to start and finish the competition with an incredibly successful result. Andover Idol gave me the courage to sing again, and Rabbot Cabaret helped me to establish my career as a singer on campus. Rabbot Cabaret was also my first experience singing with full accompaniment. My band for the day, the “Shin Splints,” played beyond the crowd’s expectation. I was proud and honored to sing with the Shin Splints every second I was on stage. Despite the fear that haunted me prior to the show, the show went phenomenally. My version of Sweetest Goodbye sounded much better live than on the radio. As I look back, I believe that my decision to sing in the Rabbot Cabaret was one of the best decisions I have made at PA so far. After Saturday’s show, I feel more confident and enthusiastic to sing for the community. I’d really like to thank the people who pushed me and supported me through this nerve-wracking process. No one would have known I could sing on stage without your contribution!