Ryley To Be Replaced By truck, Underwood Next Year

Dear Students, With the renovation of Commons approaching next winter and lasting about 15 months, many of you are understandably eager to know what accommodations, in addition to Smith Rink, will be available for food service, dining, and socializing. After discussions with our food service vendor and public health officials, we have decided that the best solution is to transform several locations in and around George Washington Hall as part of our interim dining plan. The Underwood Room will essentially become a temporary Ryley Room—a venue for dining and socializing, complete with a stage, lighting and sound system, and the capacity to host dances and performances. In addition, as part of a goal to make GW more inviting to students, Student Council has applied for an Abbot Grant to refurbish the mail room area of GW. Each of these areas will be supported by a custom food service van parked on Chapel Avenue behind GW and adjacent to the Elson Art Center. Powered by a generator, the mobile, state-of-the-art kitchen will be equipped with a pizza oven, grill, fryer, and freezer/refrigeration system. This innovative solution will give students a north campus choice for a limited breakfast as well as evening Ryley fare, offering everything from cereal, fruit, and, bagels in the morning to chicken fingers, french fries, and made-to-order pizza and burgers in the evening. Breakfast will be available for students only with your Phillips Academy ID, while Ryley fare will require cash. Exact hours of operation have yet to be determined. Please know that the Academy has put a lot of thought and research into this decision and considered alternatives, including making breakfast available in the dorms and providing catered food service in the Underwood Room. What we found is that such solutions would require PA to actually construct new kitchens in each location in order to comply with public health codes, which unfortunately would be cost-prohibitive and unrealistic. While we realize that no interim solution will be perfect, I thank you in advance for your patience, cooperation, and good humor! We all look forward to having Commons renovated in grand fashion. In the meantime, be on the lookout for contests inviting you to name the food truck, and opportunities to vote for “must-have” menu items. Sincerely, Marlys Edwards Dean of Students

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