Weekly YouTube

I made it! Tunneling out on my knees, I escape the cold embrace of the tedium that is Upper Winter. As I hurdle into the notorious Spring Term, I unfortunately realize that the madness is not yet over. Nonetheless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, love is in the air and yes, I am still sitting in my room eating Funions and watching YouTube videos. This week I discovered two spectacular videos that I hope will help you weather the less appealing aspects of Spring Term: the work, dealing with colleges, the Spring Term history paper (for those Uppers out there) and unrequited love. Just recently, I met a great girl from Deerfield Academy. I thought we had something special, but after she “un-friended” me on Facebook, I knew it was over between us. Why don’t you love me Mandy, my Facebook queen? My first video pertains to the topic of Facebook. This video captures the very essence of the trials and tribulations that each of us face in that cold dark place called Facebook. The “Facebook Skit” is a short music video that illustrates the pains and pleasures of becoming a little too friendly with your recently added “friend.” Featuring doctored lyrics of Enrique Iglesias’s “Hero,” we get a chance to delve into the infamous life of the “Facebook stalker.” Don’t deny it – at one time we have all been “Facebook stalkers.” While you are searching the network for a friend you forgot to add, a beautiful young lady finds her way onto your computer screen. Oh Tanya, with Facebook, Croatia doesn’t seem so far away. The “Facebook Skit” depicts the intricate art of poking and picture surfing. A glorious line in the song is one that has gone through my mind many a time, “Well when I am 40 she will be 34.” For anyone else that has ever memorized the hobbies of someone that they have never met before, the “Facebook Skit” offers a familiar perspective and a good laugh. The next YouTube video is titled “Ysketball.” “Ysketball” is an Eastern European instructional video on how to play basketball. Three star players, Shkee, Clarl and Oogy, use alluring accents to teach the mechanics of lay ups, one-minute drills and the “three man yeave.” The video is accompanied by an infectious ballad by Croatia’s very own band, Colonia. “Ysketball” teaches viewers to “have fun on and off the court,” but it also touches upon a few somber issues. For example, the beloved Oogy tells us that “hydration is fun, but finding a baby in a dumpster is not.” There you go. I invite you all to join me in a spring term of “poking” and “ysketballing.”