Weekly YouTube

One of the major school-sponsored Spring Break trips is the community service trip to John’s Island, South Carolina. During the trip this year, seven of the 12 males on the trip took the time to learn a few SLAM steps from Carolyn Chica ’08 and perform them in front of the entire group. This unique experience was, luckily, caught on tape and can be found on YouTube. The video captures the entire performance, from the butt-shaking to the foot-stomping. The boys in the video, Uppers Mike Donelan, Dave Holliday, Dan Pouliot, Ian Accomando, Dave Koppel, and Matt Cranney, and Jordan Lemmons ’09, all took the time to learn both the cheer and the SLAM steps. The group used a fairly simple SLAM step and incorporated the cheering with general ease. Despite a few minor mess-ups, the video is extremely funny and, if you know any of the kids, it is even funnier. Seeing Dave Holliday “break it down” is always entertaining, and after seeing six other PA kids willingly do it with him, you just have to laugh. The crowd of spectators around the group apparently thought it was funny, as you can hear them laughing the whole time. Another amazing video clip on YouTube is called “Re: How to draw a car in MS Paint.” This clip shows someone creating a picture of a car in MS Paint. Fairly simple? I think not. The amazing detail this artist puts into his car shows the immense amount of time and creativity required to create such a meticulous drawing. The clip is very long, but if you skip ahead to the ending, you will see that the MS paint-addict is clearly gifted. Viewing this video is well worth it. The movie displays details that most people would normally forget about and makes you realize the work it takes to create a computer-animated picture. I recommend checking the clip out, if only to skip to the end, but I also recommend wasting a bit more bandwidth and watching the whole thing. I highly recommend both YouTube videos. If you don’t get a chuckle out of these movies, I will get MANSLAM to do a private performance for you.