The Nature Of Leadership: A Tribute To Danny Silk

Though we celebrate what will be the beginning of Tantum Collins’ presidency, it is sad to know that Danny’s is coming to a close. Students expected great things from Danny Silk, yet he surpassed even our greatest expectations. In his year as President of the student body, Danny Silk has impressed us all. Danny’s accomplishments can be measured in the spirit with which he performed his duties and his undertakings as President. Danny changed the way the student council runs, creating subcommittees and helping to organize the Interscholastic Student Council Congress. Most importantly, Danny gave a more prominent voice to the ideas and opinions of the student body. Student voice, critical in such a small community, became more of a credible, involved aspect of faculty and administrative decisions, epitomized by School Congress last Monday. Among the President’s greatest assets, Danny has had an incredible openness to new ideas. He pushed for the “One Card” system, and took up Tantum Collins’ effort toward online sign-in. Easy to speak to, passionate and incredibly diligent, Danny exemplified the best of student leaders. No matter what the task involved, Danny has put his effort into it. Recently, Danny and Student Council used an Abbot Grant to organize student-faculty dinners, helping to bridge the gap between adults and students on campus. All who attended thought it was a fabulous success – especially Mrs. Chase, who offered the fund the next dinner. Most of all, Danny Silk understands the nature of leadership. In his tenure, Danny has always been humble and hardworking. He has held himself responsible to the peers he represents. That nature of leadership is not to be served, but to serve. Danny Silk has served this community with tenacity, vision, wisdom and compassion.