‘Trayless Tuesdays’: An Inconvenient Responsibility

“Trayless Tuesdays” had a tough start. Students complained loudly, left their dishes unbussed and strewn across tables, and were forced to make multiple return trips to the serving area. Sacrifices were made – at least that’s what the comment cards expressed. But these minor inconveniences are but a mild reminder of the sacrifices our generation will have to make in response to the incalculable damage we have done so far to the environment. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release another report next week detailing the ongoing environmental impact of global warming, including droughts, melting glaciers and spreading disease. With the gentle absence of trays one day a week, Phillips Academy might take better notice of the bigger problems of the world. Fortunately, some environmentally-conscious changes in Commons were better received by the student body: self-serve entrees and organic food in all four dining halls are superb ideas. Thank you, Commons staff, for not simply maintaining the status quo before next year’s renovation. Mike Giampa, Commons Operations Manager, pronounced “Trayless Tuesday” an “overwhelming Success,” with food waste and dishwasher consumption cut in half. Without trays to hold unnecessary food, students automatically wasted less. It’s a hard-knock life, isn’t it. But it’s time the environment took fewer knocks. Keep “Trayless Tuesdays” around. These editorials represent the views of The Phillipian editorial board.