Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: I am writing in regard to your recent decision to change the name of the Features section to the “Humor” section. I served as the editor of the Features section from 2004-2005, but I promise this letter will not be a rant from a member of the old guard bewailing the evils of change. I respect and welcome change, just not this one. First, was the name change necessary? Anyone who has ever read a newspaper knows that calling the section “Features” was a misnomer. At the same time, anyone who’s ever read a newspaper could figure out fairly quickly that the section was devoted to humor. Everyone on campus knew what it meant, and the only trouble I ever had explaining the section was when I gave tours, and even then, explaining that “Features” meant “Humor” provided a much-needed thirty seconds of conversation on many excruciatingly awkward tours. Sure, if the name Features was leading people awry, or was a major confusing aspect of the paper, I would understand the change, but if it ain’t broke… Second, and by far most importantly, calling the section “Features” is a tradition of Andover. I know you current students must get sick of hearing about “tradition,” and I know it can be shoved down your throats at times, but trust me—when it’s all said and done, those traditions will be what you remember. No one else on earth calls Sophomores and Juniors “Lowers” and “Uppers,” and it would probably be easier to use the more accepted names, but can you ever imagine changing those? It’s those very silly, outdated, nonsensical Andover traditions that give us our identity. I know this may seem far off to you, but I promise in years to come you will remember fondly a school where you were called a “Junior” when you were a Freshman, a school where you stood in a big circle on the grass when you received your diploma and a school where your humor section was ridiculously labeled “Features.” Thank you, Nathan Scott ’05 The Phillipian welcomes all letters to the Editor. We try to print all letters, but because of space limitations, we recommend brevity and conciseness. We reserve the right to edit all submitted letters to conform with print restraints and proper syntax. We will not publish any anonymous letters. Please submit letters by the Monday of each week to The Phillipian mailbox in G.W. or to The Phillipian newsroom in the basement of Morse Hall, or send an email to