Girls Track Fails to Match Exeter’s Depth

Despite Sarah Cohan’s ’08 decisive wins in both the one-mile and two-mile, the Girls Track team fell to Exeter 78-29 last Wednesday. In the most difficult contest of the season, Exeter’s team outmatched Andover, securing the top spots in most of the races. Andover could feel the absence of Captain Kit Harris ’07, who took ill before the meet. The meeting at Exeter was postponed because of weather conditions. Regarding the delay, Coach Lang said, “The extra week helped us. It gave us another week to rest and get healthy. However, Exeter was the strongest team we have competed against this season. Their depth is key.” The first event of the meet, the high jump, set the tone for the rest of the contest. Exeter went 1-2, and Melissa Ferarri ’10 shared third place with Exeter’s third jumper. The girls bounced back in the mile when Sarah Cohan ’08 and Georgina Norton ’09 ran to first and second place finishes, respectively. Cohan, who ran a 5:42, kept a solid pace throughout the race and was never truly challenged. Norton ran neck-in-neck with Exeter’s runner until the final three laps, when she placed a decisive attack. By the end of the race, Norton finished right behind Chan, leaving Exeter in the dust. Ola Canty ’07 took second place in the hurdles and Sidiqa Farrow ’09 tied for third in the shot-put. Unfortunately, the halfway point of meet saw Exeter ahead 32 to 13. Colleen Thurman ’07 out-jumped her Exeter competition by just more than three inches to finish second behind another Exeter jumper. Exeter swept the 600m, taking the three top spots. Tavie Abell ’10, the only Andover runner in the event, ran a brave race while surrounded by a sea of red. Deidre Willis ’09 careened six and a half feet into the air to take second place in the pole vault. In the two-mile, Sarah Cohan continued her winning streak and outpacing her Exeter competitor by almost 20 seconds. Despite these promising finishes, Exeter swept the top three spots in the 300m, sealing the meet. The 300m event epitomized how Exeter’s depth decisively out-distanced Andover, for Exeter surpassed the Big Blue in all three heats. The 4x400m relay added insult to injury, as Exeter’s anchor runner stormed across the line at 4:33, while Andover’s anchor, Canty, crossed thirty seconds later. It seemed that Andover’s intense season left many of the athletes fatigued in their final meet of the season. Despite the convincing defeat, the Girls’ Track team has ran an extraordinary season, and many runners look forward to the spring season. Andover hopes to carry the success it earned indoors into the outdoor season. The team will benefit from many young runners in the spring, adding depth to the already strong team.