Cohan ’08 Dominates Distance; Improving Times Propel Distance

The Girls Indoor Track team is an extremely talented group of runners, sprinters, jumpers and hurdlers, and it is impossible to pinpoint one member of the crew and label her “the best” on the squad. Still, the team has its stars, and Sarah Cohan should not be left out of the top. Cohan’s trademark events are the mile and two-mile. Cohan combines exceptional endurance with superior foot-speed, and her capacity for pain can only be described as superhuman. In the vast majority of her races this season, Cohan not only finished ahead of the competition, but usually crossed the finish line laps ahead of her opposition. Cohan has, predictably, been a consistent point-scorer for the team since the first day of the season. She almost always ranks among the top three scorers for PA, generally receiving 10 points—5 for winning each of her two events. In the closely-contested meet against Andover High, Cohan alone accounted for an impressive one-fifth of the team’s overall score. With a stellar mile time of 5:35, it is safe to say that Cohan is the backbone of the girls’ distance squad, yet one of her most admirable qualities is that she never lets her success go her head. The words that come to mind when describing Cohan are somewhat contrasting. She is focused and intense, but she always manages to seem at ease, and she never ceases to be cheerful and supportive of her teammates. During her races, Cohan embodies grittiness despite her deceivingly-whimsical hot pink running shoes. Said teammate Georgina Norton ’09 of Cohan’s talent, “She’s a hard worker, she’s strong and steady, and I like running with her because I can depend on her to come through during races.” In both the championship invitational at Harvard and the rescheduled Exeter meet, the squad will look to performers such as Cohan to forge the team’s path to success. The pressure is great and the expectations are high, but Cohan has proved her worth to the team. Her talent will prove vital as Girls Indoor Track heads into the last crucial meets of the season.