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Every once in a while, a work of art comes along and speaks to a generation. On these rare occasions, muses descend from the great ether to grace us with the serendipity needed to create such masterpieces. I stumbled upon such a masterwork and its master, the man, none other than Sammy Stevens. You might ask: Who is Sammy Stevens? Sammy Stevens is a divine representation of the beautiful human spirit. He is a corpulent southerner who makes an honest living selling furniture at insanely low prices. For the first half of his life, I can only imagine Stevens lived in the pure simplicity of perhaps a modern day yeoman. However, one day he left his magnificent footprint on American culture. On this day, Sammy Stevens birthed his grandiloquent “Montgomery Flea Market” rap video. Denying oneself the opportunity to watch “Funk Master Sam’s” (Stevens’ street alias) “Flea Market Montgomery” rap video is to deny oneself an encounter with the prophet of funk himself. The video begins with an insidious beat and Stevens cavorting to his melodic rhythm. Legend has it, Stevens created this beat while he was blacked out somewhere in the Himalayas. It is the ancient custom of Mongolian Shamans to climb to the top of mountains and to tie belts around their necks to induce a blackout. While in these oxygen deprived comas, shamans claimed to have channeled the words of the gods. Is this how Stevens wrote his rap ballad? You can decide that for yourself. With his bugged-out eyes, hypnotic dance moves, flow like Jay-Z’s, and 50 Cent’s attitude, Sammy Stevens raps about his enormous flea market. Instead of having scantily clad women, Stevens surrounds himself with cheap and elegant furniture. Stevens coined the new phrase that is now sweeping: “It’s like a mini mall.” In the last lines of the epic ballad, Stevens invites us to “come on down, I know you’ll like it.” In his two-minute video, Stevens shows us the triumphs that can be achieved by the common man.