Steve the Regurgitator

Wearing nothing but a glittery vest and a pair of leather pants, last Saturday night’s performer stirred up the Andover community. This unique individual by the name of Steve the Regurgitator bewildered the audience by swallowing and regurgitating a variety of objects. Steve the Regurgitator travels the world performing his one-man show. He has performed in Australia, Europe, South America, and Scandinavia. In addition to traveling across the globe, Steve has appeared on well-known TV shows such as “The Jay Leno Show.” He warmed the audience up by swallowing a light bulb and bringing it back up again with one hard beat of his chest. Each time he swallowed an object, he made a loud gurgling noise and then the object was ejected back out of his mouth. Many audience members thought the whole concept was extremely disturbing. Then Steve asked for volunteers from the audience. Most students were afraid of what he was going to make them do, and with good reason. He chose Michaeljit Sandhu ’09 as his volunteer. Sandhu received a stack of coins and one by one, he put them in the Regurgitator’s mouth. The Regurgitator held a microphone next to his bare stomach, allowing the audience to hear the coins clink. “How many do you want me to bring up? Do you want them together or one by one?” asked Steve. The audience responded, “Five coins, altogether.” And he did it. Next, Steve lit a cigarette and somehow managed to keep all of the smoke in his stomach. Then he drank a bottle of liquid soap. After a few seconds, he began blowing soap bubbles filled with smoke out of his mouth. The audience was nothing short of astounded. Next, Steve decided to regurgitate one of the coins that still stuck in his stomach from the previous act. To do this, he swallowed a billiard ball whole. Surprisingly, this method worked, because the coin popped right out. For his next act, he walked around the audience asking girls for their rings. People started hiding their hands and tried to avoid making eye contact. Eventually, Steve found all the rings in the audience and took them up on stage with him. All of them were swallowed and floated somewhere in his stomach. The audience could hear them banging against each other. The last ring he took was a Tweety Bird ring from Sherene Davidson ’07. She did not want to give him the ring, so he had to yell at her. “I thought he was hilarious because he wasn’t afraid to be really mean to people,” said Brianna McCarthy ’09. During the next act, Steve blew up a small balloon and swallowed it whole. As the audience waited for his next move, Steve bent down and picked up a small nail from a pile on the corner of the stage. Astoundingly, Steve used the nail to pop the little balloon inside his stomach. The pop was amplified through the auditorium by the microphone held to his stomach, and this seemed to throw most audience members over the edge. The Regurgitator then swallowed a fish whole and its little tail was visibly wiggling between his lips. The fish went down and then it came up. This both amazed and disgusted the whole PA audience. This is one performance the PA community will not forget.