Andover Idol Round Two

During this week’s Andover Idol, four contestants were eliminated and five continued on in the competition. The five finalists to move onto the next round are Chris Li ’07, Joel Gonzalez ’09, Dan Silva ’08, Tessa Pompa ’08, and Jane Shin ’08. Andover students voted these five finalists into the next round through WPAA’s Web site and each finalist performed another song for the judges. Their songs, as well as the judges’ comments, were aired live on WPAA on Tuesday night. Here’s what some of the ten contestants had to say about the competition so far: Phillipian: Why did you decide to try out for Andover Idol? Tessa Pompa ’08: I just though it would be fun to perform on a weekly basis, provided that I advance in the competition week to week. Chris Li ’07: I tried out for Andover Idol as a freshman and I remember very distinctly that it was much smaller and low key. This year it’s different, though, because a lot of my friends run the station and there are judges that are very funny and know what they’re doing. P: What do you think are the best and worst parts of the competition? Britney Achin ’08: I would say that the best part was that everyone was very talented. The worst part was that it was over the radio. It’s much easier to stand in a room than it is to stand on a stage and have people watch you perform, but at the same time, it would be a better competition if it was on stage. Susannah Poland ’07: I think the lighthearted spirit of the competition was diminished when certain people tried to rig the results by altering their computers to vote unlimitedly. Not only is the competition by nature a bit of a popularity contest, but people are also looking for a certain kind of singing ability- not just raw talent. Winners have to know how to work their audience. P: Did you agree with the comments the judges have made? Pompa: Definitely. I don’t know what they’ve experienced with music but they definitely know what they’re talking about. Li: For the most part they’re constructive. I see myself as a classical singer, and to have an outside ear listen and make comments is always useful. P: Which judge do you take the most seriously? Pompa: Lauren Li: Lauren because I’ve sung with her before and I know she has a good ear. I also appreciate her comments because they come with solutions. P: What did you think of Nat’s comments? Pompa: Nat? (laughs) I think Nat’s just Nat to get listeners and you learn not to take anything he says seriously. Li: I think Nat is a lot of fun to have on Andover Idol and I don’t think it would be as good without him. I just think we should take this lightheartedly and really just not take it seriously. Do you trust the student body to vote for the best singer? Pompa: Yes, I do trust the student body to vote for the best singer because it’s just like American Idol – the bigger the fan base, the more likely the best contestant will be chosen. Li: I think whatever turns out will be the best. I think whoever wins won’t necessarily be the best, but it’s still interesting to see who will win. P: If there would be another Andover Idol competition next year, would you audition? Pompa: Why not?