With Less Than 100 Days Until Commencement, Seniors Excited for College, but Will Miss Andover

The Phillips Academy Class of 2007 celebrated reaching the last leg of their Senior year at their Senior Soiree 100 Days Party last Friday night. A semi-formal affair, the 100 Days Party, gave ’07 the opportunity to get together during their last winter term at PA. With Senior Spring around the corner, many members of the Class of 2007 are both excited and nostalgic about their last term at Andover. Becca Waldo ’07 said, “Senior year didn’t really hit me until we had the 100 Days Party last Friday night. It got me really excited for graduation…but now I can’t help but think about how my days here are numbered.” She continued, “This year has been so great that while I’m excited to be going to college in the fall, it is going to be really strange leaving for the summer and not coming back.” Waldo also believes that the Class of 2007 has become much closer in the past year, which will make their graduation even more bittersweet. Although Edwin Diaz ’07 said that even though he still worries about his homework, tests and papers, he is gradually realizing that he is coming to the end of his four-year journey. He said, “In my four years I have grown to love Andover, its campus and have gotten to know the majority of the student body along with a lot of the faculty.” He continued, “Sometimes I get excited about college because it’s a step forward in my life…but I don’t know how college is going to be, but I do know I will miss Andover.” Diaz also said that he felt like Andover has been his home for the last four years and that he knows these past four years will have a lasting influence on the rest of his life. As Seniors, the Class of 2007 has experienced the perks that come with being a senior at Andover. At the beginning of the school year, many of the Seniors served as Blue Keys, tour guides for new students during their first few weeks at school. Also, unlike the remainder of the student body, Seniors do not have sign-in until 11 p.m. on Friday, allowing them Senior Hour in Ryley Room. They also have the privilege of having Senior Tea three days a week during conference period. Becky Greenberg ’07 said that she did not feel like a Senior until recently when she had to choose her courses for Senior Spring. “Arranging my schedule so that I never would have class after fourth period, I felt satisfied and started to imagine the term I have been waiting for my entire Andover career: Senior Spring!” said Greenberg. She continued, “I got a sudden urge to have grand adventures with all the friends I unfortunately neglected during the college process. Though some of these plans will happen, like having a barbeque, and others will not, I know these next few months will be unforgettable.” Greenberg went on to say that she could not seem to picture herself anywhere else other than Andover. Senior Spring is arguably the most memorable term at Andover. During Senior Spring, Seniors are notorious for sitting out on the Great Lawn in beach chairs once they have finished their classes for the day. Every grade looks forward to the opportunity to call out to lowerclassmen as they head off to their sixth and seventh period classes while playing Frisbee and Wiffleball or having a barbeque on a George Forman grill. Most Seniors only take four classes, so the lightened workload allows for a lot of free time. To keep Seniors from making poor decisions during all of this free time, Phillips Academy implements the Senior Probation Policy, giving seniors only a single strike if they happen to take part in any action worthy of a DC. At the end of Spring term, once Seniors finish their exams, they look forward to four highly anticipated days. On Thursday, May 31, the Seniors will have their Senior Prom. The next day, they will be able to host their favorite faculty member at the annual Senior-Faculty Convocation and Banquet. On Saturday, June 2, they will have their Baccalaureate and on Sunday, June 3, the Class of 2007 will graduate.