What AHS Thinks About Us

Alyssa Sloan There has always been playful tension between Andover High students and Phillips students. It is like sibling rivalry in a way. Andover High students are the older siblings, while Phillips students the younger siblings. Andover students are like the relaxed, average child, while Phillips students are the smart, hardworking child. Neither student is better; they’re just different. Andover and Phillips students get along, but they also argue. There’s nothing out of the ordinary in their relationship. Vincent Anderson As an Andover High student, I think that Phillips students look down on AHS, while we make fun of Phillips Academy. PA students think they are smarter than AHS students because they go to a prestigious school. Andover students like to make fun of PA students because they are different than AHS students. Yet in reality, neither group of students is smarter or better. Yes, some students at PA are smarter than students at AHS; however, some AHS students are smarter than PA students. On the other side, some PA students are very different than AHS students, while others are very similar both in appearance and in action. The main thing that divides the students is their own pre-decided judgments of one another. Jason Romano From the perspective of an AHS student, Phillips students are rich, snotty and lame. They think that they are better than AHS students. They think they are so cool. They do not even try to socialize with “townies,” or so they call AHS students, and then get offended when AHS students aren’t friendly to them. I’m not saying that AHS students are nice. After having to put up with PA students for so long, we got annoyed. And thus, “catbonering” was created. It is not meant to be a mean, hurtful action, but a teasing taunt. “Catbonering” is supposed to be done in good fun and is only meant as a verbal outburst towards PA students. There should be no physical contact. If PA kids don’t like being catbonered, too bad. There is no way for them to retaliate. Throwing things, chasing the car, or trying to create a comeback (whale semen?) are just signs of a bad attitude. Besides, many catboners have gone catbonering with AHS students and have enjoyed the experience. Sorry catboners, we just have to vent on you in some way.