Presidential Candidates The second round of voting for student council president took place on Tuesday. Out of thirteen candidates, only six advanced to the next round. The six remaining candidates are Jon Adler, Tantum “Teddy” Collins, Lydia Dallett, Blaine Johnson, Joey Mensah, and Max Meyer. This round of voting was conducted online in an effort to increase participation by making the process more accessible. Dougal Sutherland ’07 set up the voting program. GW Renovation Finding funding for the GW Renovation continues to be the main problem. The projected cost is approximately $20,000. However, the Abbot Grant only covers $7,000 and it expires at the end of the year. Additional funds may come from the senior gift, which School President Danny Silk ’07 predicts will be approximately $6,000. Plans will be made based on budgets of $7,000, $13,000, and $20,000. The committee has decided to go through with the renovation regardless of funding; they are prepared to make necessary adjustments. The heads of the committee, Maura Mulroy ’07 and Akosua Oforiwaa-Ayim ’07, will start ordering furniture as soon as they receive administrative approval. Commons Food The Council made suggestions for new Commons food at Sunday’s meeting. Proposals were made for fluff, better Parmesan cheese, more A1 sauce, crunchy peanut butter and Nutella, as well as the elimination of the seafood-oriented Fridays and reinstitution of sandwich bar ingredients that were phased out because of the express wraps. Mr. Alonso reminded students that Commons is always open for suggestions and stressed the importance of contacting Commons rather than throwing around ideas without any impetus for change. Student-Faculty Dinner The first student-faculty dinner will take place on Sunday, March 4, in Ropes. An e-mail will be sent to students and faculty for sign-ups.