Saltonstall ’45 Donates To Summer Session: Money Will Increase Student Diversity

William L. Saltonstall ’45 has made a donation of an undisclosed amount to Phillips Academy’s Summer Session to help bring students from across the world to Andover. Saltonstall’s gift will allow Summer Session to start a scholarship fund to increase financial aid for summer students. The fund is the first of its kind for Summer Session. Last year, only 62 Summer Session students received financial aid. The William L. Saltonstall ’45 Fund will allow Summer Session to progressively increase that number. “We have two small funds right now from which we can draw a limited amount of financial aid. This gift will allow others to add to the fund and its growth will allow us to bring more kids on aid,” Director of Summer Session Paul Murphy said. In addition to establishing the Summer Session scholarship fund, Saltonstall is also supporting this year’s alumni activities for the (MS)2 program, which will celebrate the program’s 30th anniversary. Saltonstall has been involved with Summer Session for almost as long as the program has been around. He entered Phillips Academy as a new Lower in 1942 and became a part of Summer Session in the summer of 1944, just two years after the program was first established. After graduating from Phillips Academy in 1945, William Saltonstall joined the U.S. Navy for a year before attending Harvard. There, he earned his bachelor’s degree in 1949 and an M.B.A. degree in 1952. Following his graduation from Harvard, Saltonstall represented Andover’s Essex and Middlesex districts as a Massachusetts state senator from 1967 until 1978. Afterwards, he took over the Boston office of Saltonstall and Co., where he has remained since 1979. In 2006, 567 students attended Summer Session and 104 students were in (MS)2, a three-summer-long program for minority students with interest in Math and Science. Of all of those who attended, approximately half were international students. The 2006 summer student body spanned 39 countries and 37 states. “Some international kids are here to learn English in the ESL program, but most are here to take classes and get the American experience,” Murphy said. “The goal of Summer Session is simply to help the school expose as many students to boarding school as possible.” Murphy continued, “Internationally speaking, [Summer Session] is more diverse than the school year program.” However, he said that the program would like to continue reaching out to students across the world and improving its ability to bring those students to Andover. The boarding tuition for Summer Session 2007 will be $5,950. The course of study is rigorous with each student taking a major course from 8 to 10 a.m. Mondays through Saturdays as well as a minor class from 10:30 until noon on all class days except Wednesdays. Students will stay at Andover from June 26 to August 1. In the afternoon, there are college counseling sessions and afternoon activities. Each night, students have between three and four hours of homework. This summer, Summer Session is introducing two new programs: The Andover Institute of Music and the Lower School Institutes. According to the program’s web site, the Andover Institute of Music (AIM) will be designed for “violinists, violists, cellists, pianists, and flutists who want to work – and work hard – on their solo and chamber music repertoire and performance.” Dr. Peter Warsaw, who currently teaches music and conducts the student Amadeus Ensemble, will direct the program. The Lower School Institutes is designed for students entering eighth or ninth grade and offers courses such as “Charting the Natural World: Marine Biology Meets Math,” “Dig This: Unearthing the American Past,” and “Express Yourself: A Study of Literature, Performance and Production.” The five-week Summer Session program at Phillips Academy is dedicated to introducing entering students in all grades to Andover’s student lifestyle. Every year, the program aims to attract a diverse group of students.