Editorial: Commons Renovations: A Bittersweet Sentiment

We hope that the alternative dining arrangements next year will offer practical, healthy and appetizing meals for the Phillips Academy community. Hopefully, the interim Commons will maintain and expand its sustainable foods, themed meals and “continuous” dining. However, we do have several concerns about the ramifications of the Commons renovations. We wonder how the Commons staff will manage operating in a makeshift cafeteria, adapted from the old hockey rink. The feasibility of re-creating an atmosphere and food quality comparable to Commons is tenuous at best. To even get close will require keen focus and significant funding from the administration. The quality of our food is one of the most pressing issues for both students and faculty, and we hope it will not be neglected. We are also concerned that the Senior year of the Class of 2008 may be irreparably scarred by construction. No one wants to envision eating his or her last meals at PA in an old hockey rink. There is nothing that can be done about this, except to make the transition as pleasant and speedy as possible. Having grown so accustomed to Commons, it will be difficult to deal with change, especially as we are on the way out the door. Nonetheless, change must always come. We are willing to graduate without our four old dining halls, but we are saddened. We hope that the plans for renovations are in good hands, and that the administration will do its best to preserve the historical value, quality and practicality of Commons. This editorial represents the views of The Phillipian.