After 28 Issues, CXXIX Bids Farewell to the Newsroom

Winter term may be only halfway over, but for The Phillipian Editorial Board CXXIX, it is time to turn over the keys to the newsroom. Though a bittersweet moment, the board will finally be able to enjoy their Senior year. Former Editor in Chief Steve Blackman will be passing the torch to former Commentary Associate James Sawabini ’08. Blackman said, “Obviously we’re worried about turning over our baby, but we think the paper’s in really great hands. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Would I do some things differently? Probably. I’m going to learn to knit though. That’s my goal. I owe Danny Silk a sweater.” “The future promises wonderful things. That’s all I’m gonna say,” said Sawabini. On Upper Management, Steven Bartz ’08 will take over the position of Managing Editor from Lauren Kelleher ’07. Despite nights with too little sleep and too many deadlines, Kelleher said, “I would do it again. It’s been long. It feels like ages ago that we started, but we learned a lot and I really enjoyed getting to know everyone else on the board. It’s an obsession, a cult-like experience. It was good.” Thomas Smyth ’08 will assume the newly created position of Executive Editor, replacing the position of Prateek Kumar ’07, Deputy Managing Editor. Smyth expressed intense excitement and said, “I’m thrilled to be working with such lucid people, in such a prestigious place and at such remarkable hours.” Emma Wood ’07 will turn over the position of News Director to Katherine Chen ’08. “The Philllipian has defined my Andover career and without it I feel like I won’t have an identity anymore,” said Wood. “I think it’s the best experience that you could have at any high school.” Elinor Garcia-Garcia ’08 and Conor McKinnon ’08 will assume the positions of News Editors Song Kim ’07 and Alexa Reid ’07. Adam Giansiracusa ’08 and Kate Iannarone ’08 will take over the reins of the Commentary Section from Yoni Gruskin ’07, Danielle Rothman ’07 and John Gwin ’07. Sports Associates Jen Downing ‘08, Sara Ho ‘08 and J.R. Santaniello ’08 will replace Sports Editors Peter Dignard ’07, Rush Martin ’07 and Will Sherrill ’07. Chad Hollis ’08 will become Sports Senior Associate. “It’s gonna be hard to replace us, but they’ll try,” said Dignard. “But I hope they will keep up the high standards of the Sports section, which we have established throughout our tenure.” Entertainment Editors Chris Li ’07 and Jess White ’07 will entrust their section to Lisa Lian ’08 and Megan Richards ’08. White said, “I have total confidence that Lisa and Meg will carry on the tradition of providing fun and informative feature pieces. I look forward to seeing the changes they make to the section.” Features Editors Will Cannon ’07 and David Curtis ’07 and Senior Associate Pete Smith ’07 will be passing over their section to a one-man team consisting of Jonathan Adler ’08. The section has been renamed “Humor.” Curtis said, “I’m disappointed by the new name because Features will always be Features to me. But, I am optimistic that the Humor Section is on the up and coming.” An addition to the paper will also accompany the board changeover. Headed by News Associate Madeleine O’Connor ’08, a new section, News Feature, will provide in-depth news analysis on topics ranging from school finances to campus diversity. Tantum Collins ’08 will be filling the position of Advertising Director previously held by Justin Waite ’07, and Sally Poole ’08 will be taking over for Business Manager Henry Frankievich ’07. They will assume the responisbility of handling all things financial from selling subscriptions to recruiting ads. Head Photographer William Hunckler ‘08 will replace Head of Photography Brooks Canaday ’07 and Murphy Temple ‘08 and Michael Discenza ‘09 will fill the new positions of Director of Photography and Deputy Director respectively assuming the previous responisibilities of Katharine Matsumoto ’07 and Becca Waldo ’07. Though there will not be a Layout trouble-shooter on the new board, photo has it covered. Suzanne Hwang ‘08, with new additions Emerson Stoldt ‘09, and Corbin Tognoni ‘08, will head circulation, distributing the paper each week. Alex Dehnert ’08 and Frank Pinto ’08 are the new Technology managers in place of Schmertzler ’07 and Mukherjee ’07. Matt Sternberg ’08 will be replacing Nate Flagg ’07 as Cartoon Editor.