Theater Coming Attractions

The curtain closed on Fall Term’s theater productions, but now, as Winter Term begins, it’s time for actors, directors, and stage managers to take center stage. This term, there will be new and exciting productions for all to enjoy! Starting from tonight, and going on throughout the term, there will be a series of Drama Labs each week. Tonight, a drama lab entitled “Here We Are,” directed by Betina Evancha ’07, will go up. It is about an average couple that is on their way to their honeymoon. “English Made Simple,” directed by Lily Shaffer ’10, will follow. Next week, on January 19, another two drama labs will perform – “Light Years,” directed by Cora Lewis ’09, and “The Boor,” directed by Evan DelGaudio ’08. “Light Years” is a story about roommates that meet on the first day of college. They use this experience to find out who they are and learn how to reinvent themselves. Following, Andover will be experimenting with the new idea of 24 hour plays. The 24 hour plays have been performed in high schools, colleges and even on the Broadway stage. On Friday January 19th, six writers, six directors, and twenty actors will assemble. The writers will remain through the night and construct a ten minute play. In the morning the directors will select a script and the actors will receive their roles. After a rush of rehearsals, the curtain opens at 8:00PM on January 20 and all of the 24 hour plays will be performed. On January 26, another two drama labs will be presented, “Creep Square,” directed by Anna Henderson ’08, and “A Case of Belonging,” directed by Megan O’Connor ’07. In “Creep Square,” Hoover, with his strange knowledge about everyone else’s lives, meets Anne, who thinks he is a social reject. “A Case of Belonging” tries to answer the question of “what is an afterlife?” In the play, an angel, a devil, a voice from limbo, and the IRS fight over the nameless soul? After a jam-packed January, there are only five drama labs in February. On February 2, “Words, Words, Words” directed by Eli Grober ’09 and “Don’t Pick Up” directed by Paul Hsiao ’08 will be put on. “Two Truths and a Lie” directed by Megan Richards ’08 and “All About Al” directed by Molly Shoemaker ’08 will be played on February 9. The final drama lab, “Glory Day” directed by Abby Colella ’08, will be performed on February 23. Ever wanted to be a part of a play but did not want to act? Now you can, by attending the Lighting Workshop on January 13. Instructor, Bill Murray and Steve Farquhar ’07 will be leading the workshop through the basics of lighting instruments to how the lights really work. In February, two more workshops about directing and stage management will occur. On February 11, Kevin Heelan will teach a directing workshop. It is perfect for anyone who wants to direct a drama lab during spring term. On February 17, there will be a stage management workshop taught by all the drama lab producers. The last production of the term will be “Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare. All the cast members are in Theater 520 and they will act out this age-old story. The performance dates are March 1 at 7:00PM, March 2 at 7:30PM, and March 3 at 7:30PM. Be on time to these drama labs, workshops, and plays because the seats are going to fill up fast.